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SATURDAYS - Glen Garioch Distillery, Castle Fraser (photo only) and Crathes Castle

SUNDAYS - Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven Harbour, Falls of Feugh Waterfall, Crathes Castle




Castle Hotel

A beautiful four star country house hotel located in the heart of Scotland


Riverside Apartments, Inverness

A modern city centre apartment overlooking the River Ness



Set in 11 acres of wooded grounds located in the western suburbs of Aberdeen, 3 miles from the city centre.


Beauly Priory...

Glen Ord Distillery...

Sandend Beach

Clarence the Piper

Fishing Lodge, Huntly

Fyvie Castle, Fyvie

Harbour Cafe, Gardenstown

Cairngorm National Park

Sightseeing Tours from Aberdeen and Inverness


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Sightseeing Tours from Aberdeen and Inverness


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Whisky Distilleries
Malt Whisky Trail Tours from Aberdeen and Huntly

We are based right at heart of the world of Malt Whisky with many distilleries to visit...

Highland Games
Highland Games Tours from Aberdeen and Huntly

Lonach Highland Games - August 2012 and The Braemar Gathering - September 2012

The Castle Trail
Castle Trail Tours from Aberdeen and Huntly

Explore Scotland’s only Castle Trail with 14 of the world’s most unique castles - download pdf map

Scottish Heritage Pass
Scottish Heritage Tours from Aberdeen and Huntly

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What the guidebooks don't know, and what the locals prefer to keep to themselves....

Cullen Ice Cream and beach walk

Don’t tell the Italian’s but this little unassuming ice cream shop makes the best Ice Cream in the world. Remember to ask for the ‘homemade’ variety (not the ones on display in front of you). If you are feeling bold you can try and ask for it in the local Scots dialect. This entails furrowing your eyebrows whilst narrowing in on the big metal tubs behind the counter, then quickly raising them again and grunting loudly, whilst cocking your head back in a sort of back-to-front nod. No, kidding!

Lonach Highland Games

One can get a little heady trying to imagine this flamboyant Celtic spectacle of tweed-clad Earls rubbing shoulders with kilt swaying Harley Davidson bike riders and the tiniest wee kilt skirts (on girls) you every did see.  Now throw in a beer tent the size of an Olympic pool and all of a sudden you’re at the party of the year! 

A ‘loo’ stop at Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown.

Yes, you did read it right.  Probably advisable to take a picture, because lets face it, who is going to believe that you visited the home of a world-renowned whisky to ‘spend a penny’! You’ll see why when you get there.  Wink! 

Lunch at Kimberly Inn, Findhorn

The people who frequent the Kimberly Inn are as interesting to watch, as the food is to eat!  Hint: Eat from the Chef’s specials on the chalkboard in front of you.  If Scotland’s burly weather permits, try sit outside, you’ll then be able to watch the tidal mayhem of Findhorns enthusiastic estuary.  If you’re not afraid of ‘fairies’ & tie-dye, then a rummage through the local organic store at the Findhorn Foundation is highly recommended.  

Sunset wildlife cruise and dinner at harbour restaurant ~ Gardenstown.

This one’s a thrill a minute!  One moment you’re crashing through the waves on a high-powered semi-rigid inflatable, then in an instant, the engines go quiet and you’re sitting motionless while your eyes focus their attention on the deep blue and the faintest stir that pierces the surface.  A brewing storm nearby requires you to out run pockets of rain showers, but all is rewarded when you return to the tranquillity that lies within the harbour walls or Gardenstown, a glass of crisp chardonnay and the freshest langoustines you’ll ever have, served in a burly pint glass!   Heaven.

Swim in a waterfall

I hear you laugh! I meant without the dry suit! Now you’re frowning. Two fabulous waterfall experiences are (i) Pattack Falls on the A86 & (ii) Truim Falls at Crudenbeg. Naturally, all usual common sense and sensibility should prevail when swimming rock pools.

The ‘Gooder Hike’, (Coire an Lochain) Cairngorm National Park, Aviemore.

Be King of your Castle with this moderately strenuous hill-hike that leads you to the rooftop of Scotland and be spoilt forever with its magnificent views over the surrounding Cairngorm National Park. Up there, hidden away from the world, are two of the clearest fresh water pools you will ever see! Have a dip, I did!